What we do

We intelligently integrate the power of video with strategy.

Video Production

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories that you tell. The most effective video has a rigid set of objectives and takes into account the social media platforms on which it operates. The way in which it is targeted is key to its effectiveness. Our video not only tells a story but maximises its impact by tailoring it to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, websites and other platforms. To make the most of your budget we aim to extract as much content and social media clips from one video as we can.

Social Media and Execution

There is far more to social media than number crunching and analytics. It’s actually very similar to channel programming or news and magazine editing, online and off. It requires experienced planners and writers; people who know how to articulate and target your content whether it be broadcast or curation.

Offline printed material, and copywriting

Don’t be fooled into thinking that online content is the answer to everything, it isn’t. Books, magazines and brochures are still very much a leisure time activity and a welcome break from a digital screen. Research shows that printed material is a key element in the buying cycle that supports online activity. The production of this collateral has come full circle and so have we. We’ve been there before and are well skilled in the process including design and print.

Copywriting is a skill that goes back to the ancient Greeks, a skill that has been lost to digital ‘speak’, abbreviation and ‘snacking.’ In short we know how to write and we write very well from brochure copy to books and magazines.

Broadcast delivery and training

One of our founding partners is steeped in the broadcast voice, podcasts and presentation. It would, therefore, be selfish of us not to offer this service especially as it is still very much an emerging medium. We also provide training in delivering presentations and public speaking.

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Why our clients use us

Because they see results.

Forget FGVs,VTRs,KPBs and other terms that nobody really understands. We keep things simple and tell it the way it is.

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